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If you have ever wanted to create and maintain your own Web Blog you have found the right website. offers a powerful, easy to use hosted web logging service that provides it's users with the power to immediately share and publish their own Blog. lets people like you host a Blog to communicate publicly or privately, with the audience of their choosing.

Your Blog can be about the subject of your choice. Suggestions for popular Blogs are found below:

  • Personal Blog - Share what's going in with your life, your thoughts and feelings.
  • Family Blog - Keep everyone in the loop
  • Wedding Blog - Remember every detail of your special day.
  • Finding Mr./Ms. Right Blog - Share your dating experiences.
  • Weight Loss Blog - Share your experiences with loosing weight or getting in shape.
  • Religious Blog - Share your religious ideas or beliefs.
  • Travel Blog - Do you travel a lot? Share your travel experiences with others.
  • Sports Blog - Share your thoughts on sports.
  • Movie Blog - Review and rate movies.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to blogging!

As we said before, is a Free Blog Hosting Service which makes it very easy for those with very little technical experience to maintain their own Blog. How you may ask? Your Blog is managed through an easy to use web based administration panel. Through this secure admin panel you simply click a button to publish your Blog, click a button to change the Blog template that is used ( many different Blog templates to choose from), click another button to display photos in your photo gallery, click a button to add favorite links, etc. Creating and maintaining your own blog couldn't be any easier!

Blog Features - All of our Blogs come with the following features:

  • Ability to click one button to change your blog template theme at any time.
  • Make as many Blog entries as you would like.
  • Blog Entries are searchable.
  • Edit/Delete Entries
  • Guests can comment on your posts
  • Attach a picture with an entry.
  • Can use HTML in entries.
  • Choose what options appear on your Blog.
  • Shout Out or Comment Box
  • Display a Photo Gallery with description
  • Display multiple forms of contact information.
  • Display favorite links.
  • Display a page counter.
  • All Blogs come with a privacy feature which allows you to password protect your Blog. Give the password out to only those who you want to have access to your Blog.

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